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Please Read Through 

There are no refunds of reservation deposits; however, we will reschedule events to an alternative  date in case of inclement weather.

·         Sufficient Adult supervision must be provided to enable us to spend time with the children and animals for safety issues.
·         Shoes need to be worn around animals, preferably close-toed shoes. Absolutely NO bare feet!
·         No eating or drinking around animals.
·         Kissing the animals is highly discouraged no matter how cute they may be!
·         Washing/sanitizing hands after petting animals is mandatory for health issues.
·         Do not stick hands in the mouth of animal or your mouth after petting the animals. 
·         Liability waiver is suggested to be signed for each person participating.  Minor children need to have parent ’s signature on form.  However, in the absence of such a Waiver signed, it will be assumed by Sandy's Haven, Inc that participants are aware of the risks and dangers while around animals at the event.
·         Additional Services or Animals must be requested in writing, at an additional expense.
*We reserve the right to limit/deny service(s) to any person(s) for the health, safety & well-being of our animals.
Parking-To unload our animals and setup we need to park as close as possible to the location.  Our truck and trailer are 50 feet long.  A parking space needs to be provided for us as close as possible. Please arrange for that prior to your event.  
Weight Limits-We have horses that allow for all weights. Just let us know what you need. 
At events we do not hitch a horse to a carousel; our handler always walks the horse in hand   This provides added security for the child and also means that we are interacting with the child during their ride, this provides an educational advantage as the children are in direct contact with the handler and are free to ask any questions regarding the horse's care and training. Even though we are there interacting with the child, the very young should always have a parent walk with them. Children under two must be accompanied by a responsible adult (other than our staff) when a child is riding.
Care is taken at all times to ensure the safety of both the children and the animals. Sandy's Haven handlers are careful to instruct children on how to behave near and on the horses and petting zoo animals.  Here is a general guideline to help you instruct your guests.  
·                     Approach a horse near its shoulder so it can see you
·                     Never approach a horse from directly behind.  That is a blind spot.
·                     Never stand directly behind a horse.
·                     Don’t run or yell, You could spook the horse.
·                     Never put your hand in or near the horse's mouth
For the safety of all involved, please
·         Locate noisy and active games in an area away from the animals.
·         Keep children in a line and not running wildly around the horses before their turn. 
·         Restrain all dogs to a secure area in your home, one which cannot be accessed by a child.  Strange dogs can make the animals nervous.
·         Keep balls and sticks away from the horse ride area.
·         Do not stand or run behind horses as this can startle them
·         Do not pull the horse's tails!
·         Only one child can ride at a time.
·         Speak quietly and move slowly as sudden movements and loud sounds may startle horses.
·         Keep ride on toys far away from the horses and other animals.
·         Keep motorized and battery operated toys away from the horses and other animals.


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