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Why do we Do this?

We have always considered the Animal Kingdom to be our extended family. Animals are a vital part of our life and we love to share our friends with others. We have seen the miraculous change that an animal can bring. Our passion is to spread knowledge and joy one encounter at a time.

Our Story

Sandy's Haven, named for Susan’s mother, is truly a dream come true. Sandy instilled in Susan a deep love for all animal life and most of all taught her that there is no such thing as a lost cause. Sandy’s never give up attitude, compassion, and her giving heart (in spite of great personal trials) has served as tremendous examples as we began our journey with this non-profit animal sanctuary and wildlife rehabilitation center. 

Our first opportunity to share our therapy animals was a life-changing experience. We were very blessed to be a part of an extremely special birthday party given for a group of children that would not live to see their next one. Seeing the joy on the faces of these precious little warriors, some of whom were in great pain, was indescribable.

These animals are miracle workers.

Sandy’s Haven strives to strengthen the relationship between humans and animals. We are committed to education, recovery, and the real-life benefits that come from bonding with our creature cousins.

We are dedicated to the care and rehabilitation of animals, whether they come from the wild, homes and farms, or faraway lands. By providing education about the creatures, we share the planet with; we hope to expand our community’s knowledge and respect for their lives and habitats.

One of our main goals for the wildlife in our care is to return them back to the forest, desert, or skies where they belong whenever possible, and provide a safe home when it is not.

Our farm animal and exotic friends have been to Assisted Living Centers, Birthday Parties, Weddings, Holiday Events, Schools, Scout Meetings, and Fairs.

Our board is composed of devoted individuals, donating their gifts and time to build Sandy’s Haven into an actual haven of learning, safety, recovery, and wonder for all. We are here to serve, help, and be a voice for those who cannot speak.

Join us!



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